Text saying ‘Valerio, Manutenzione Giardini’ with a grass-like pattern in the background.


Identity Design

At the beginning of his solo venture, gaining clients of his own as an independent gardener, Valerio soon found himself in need of an easy and quick way to provide his contact number to potential new clients, as he was often approached while at work by casual encounters, enquiring about his services.

Valerio’s preferred ways of communicating with his clients were through phone calls and/or text messages, so I was assigned to only produce a simple business card, that included his name, phone number, and a short tagline reminding the viewer about his services.

Beside producing the business card, I also took the liberty to develop additional examples, showcasing a simple and easy-to-use visual identity, using the colour scheme, typography and grass pattern employed for the business card — serving as guide for the design of any other assets or business collateral Valerio may require to produce in the future.

Tote bag with a screen printed grass-like pattern and text saying ‘Valerio, Manutenzione Giardini’.A van with text saying ‘Valerio, Manutenzione Giardini’ and painted with a grass-like pattern.Four stacks of  business cards, displaying two stacks with a phone number and two stacks with text saying ‘Valerio, Manutenzione Giardini’.A man’s bust wearing a t-shirt with embroidered text on his top-left chest saying ‘Valerio, Manutenzione Giardini’. A mug with printed text saying ‘Valerio, Manutenzione Giardini’ and a grass-like pattern.A green pen with ‘Valerio’ typed on it.