G20-16 booklet on a grey background.


Identity/Cover Design

Featuring work by the University of East London’s Graphic Design graduates, G20-16 is a collectively produced, hand-bound, limited edition booklet designed to be handed to specific visitors at the 2016 New Designers event, hosted at The Business Design Centre in Islington, London. My tasks included designing the G20-16 identity, creating the cover page, and producing layout templates for students to use in creating their own pages and spreads to showcase their work. Additionally, I hosted workshops and tutorials to support students in the design and production phases of the booklet.

Animated booklet spreads flipping through pages.G20-16 booklet being workshopped placed on what resembles as a cutting matt on a desk.G20-16 booklet showing its cover page that includes a list of names and in large text ‘G20-16’.