Donati Metalli’s logo overlayed on top of a photograph of two steel sheets rolls.

Donati Metalli

Logo/Identity Design

Donati Metalli is an Italian company that specialises in steel representation, acting as an intermediary between steel producers and clients across diverse industries. They facilitate communication, transactions, sourcing raw materials, coordinating logistics, and ensuring adherence to quality standards, playing a pivotal role in connecting suppliers with buyers throughout the steel market in the central and southern Italian regions.

With over 30 years of experience (at the time), Donati Metalli never found the necessity of employing a visual language, as they were accustomed to more traditional means of communicating their services to their clients and partners (e.g. phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and emails), supported only by generically designed business cards.

With the employment of new board members proposing more contemporary ideas on how to market Donati Metalli (e.g. with websites, digital platforms, and clearer stationary packages, etc.), I was assigned to create a new mark for the company to initiate a clearer visual identity that would convey their services and retain their reputation.

Diagram grid of Donati Metalli’s logo design.Donati Metalli’s logo attached to a building as an outdoor sign.Donati Metalli’s print business collaterals, including A4 sheet document template, business card and envelope.