Back cover of a book with an abstract, textured, image with some text over it.Book spread with an image of some fences and asphalt text saying: ‘keep clear.’

The Eastern Edge

Editorial Design

Working in collaboration with a photographer for the design of a publication containing one of his projects. The edition focused on East London’s suburban and less frequented areas, featuring photographs taken around those areas, compiled in a piece that aims to feel minimalistic and unadorned to complement the photographer’s work and to reflect the subject matter.

Book spread with an image of a building and and image of some outside building’ stairs.Book spread filled with body text.Book spread with some body text and an image of what looks like a metallic ceiling underpassing structure.Book spread with the a small title and the beginning of a chapter’ s body text.Book cover with an abstract, texture image.Book spread with some body text, image of a double-lights lamp post with a light on and another off and another image of a tree grown into some fences.