Back cover of a book with an abstract, textured, image with some text over it.Book spread with an image of some fences and asphalt text saying: ‘keep clear.’

The Eastern Edge

Editorial Design

Working with a photographer for the design of a printed publication containing one of his projects. The document focused on the brutalism of East London’s suburban and less frequented areas, and was intended to also feature some of the photographs taken around those areas.

The design of the publication aims to feel minimalistic and unadorned, employing a brutal visual language to complement the photographer’s work and to reflect subject matter.

Book spread with an image of a building and and image of some outside building’ stairs.Book spread filled with body text.Book spread with some body text and an image of what looks like a metallic ceiling underpassing structure.Book spread with the a small title and the beginning of a chapter’ s body text.Book cover with an abstract, texture image.Book spread with some body text, image of a double-lights lamp post with a light on and another off and another image of a tree grown into some fences.